A Few Of My Favorite Things…

It’s another one of my favorite times of the year… A time when I start my new addictions for 2013! It’s none other than Sephora‘s petite luxury value sets event, or as I like to call it… a Cosmetic Buffet. What started out as what I thought was an awful gift a few years ago, has turned into my annual fixation. I tried to narrow it down to my top 5, but turned it quickly into my top few. Check out my 2012 picks!

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The Love Below…


 OK ladies… It’s time to get down and dirty! This topic was requested by one of my followers, whom I’ll let remain anonymous due to the subject matter… Along with trying to obtain a bikini-body by spring, we also need to make sure that we have tamed the bikini zone! Now, some women may prefer shaving over waxing. However,waxing lasts about three weeks to a month! It removes hair from the root, so over a period of time, the hair grows back less! I know some of you are saying:“What about the pain?!” I’m not going to lie, some areas WILL hurt more than others, but if you know it’s something you want to do, prepare yourself ahead of time! Take an OTC (over-the-counter) medicine for minor pain and aches about an hour before your service. Exfoliating the day before may help loosen your hair follicles . ***side eye*** You should also exfoliate after to avoid a bumpy situation!!! Topical anti-inflammatory creams will help, too!




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Cosmetic Buffet

‘Tis the season for great bargains and fabulous finds! Now is the time to sample all the best-selling cosmetics and fragrances you’ve always wanted to try. They also make awesome gifts or stocking stuffers. Sephora is a great place to indulge at a reasonable price (at least during this time of year). I’m a little embarrassed to share this story, but I’ll share it anyways. Last year, I received one the Sephora Favorite Fragrance Sets. At first glance, I was disappointed to see a bunch of little “perfume samples!” After I put my foot in my mouth, I realized that I had a voucher to purchase a full-sized bottle… Oops! It’s actually a good marketing tool because chances are you’re going to want them all… Especially if you’re a Libra!