Throwback Thursday: Best of Nick!

Yay, it’s almost Friday!!!  You know what that means… It’s Throwback Thursday! Nothing kept my attention like NICKELODEON!!! Check out some of my favorite game shows of the 90s…


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I don’t know about you, but I was NOT about to miss last night’s premiere of  Kourtney & Kim Take New York!  I thought I would boycott the show, because of the divorce fiasco! I’m glad I didn’t! Now, Kris Humphries is probably sweet as Grandma’s potato pie, but it was agonizing to watch Kim & Kris’s marital bliss! O_o
Initially, I was REALLY disappointed (but not surprised) when Kim filed for divorce… BUT, after watching last night’s episode, I wondered how they made it THAT far??? He never seemed to ‘click’ with the family, nor did he seem like Kim’s type! If it weren’t for the occasional kisses and hugs, I would have thought they were siblings! I literally had an attitude the entire hour!
Having words: Kim and Kris had a heated row which resulted in Kris storming off