Feedback Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU!!!! Welcome to the first-ever, Blissful Follower's TAKEOVER!!! Today is all about you! Check out ALL the wonderful feedback I've received throughout the week! RE: FUR-EVER IN LOVE... Blissful Follower, Noura in Augusta, GA sent pics of her little one... Meet 7 month old Disco! She enjoys open spaces that she can run in. She looooves... Continue Reading →

Color Your Day With Denim!

Remember Cross Colours??? Maybe Punky Brewster was more your style. Either way, if you grew up in the '80s, then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Because in the '90s, we were rockin' crazy COLORED DENIM! I'm so happy to wear them again. Yeah, yeah so what they came back a couple of seasons ago. They're still relevant for fall!... Continue Reading →

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