Baby Bumpin’

Man, I've been busy! But, not as busy as these couples... Check out the latest couples expecting their first or second child in 2013... Kimye! -- I smell a spin-off... CONFIRMATION... Jessica Simpson is expecting a playmate for seven month old Maxwell! Phaedra Parks from Housewives of Atlanta is also expecting her second child! {Hmmm... I wonder... Continue Reading →

Morning Cuteness!

Wanna see what little Maxwell Drew is up to??? That little, adorable cutie {now two-months-old} celebrated her first 4th of July with mommy and daddy! She is so precious!

Meet Maxwell Drew!

Pictures of  Maxwell Drew Johnson has surfaced thanks to People magazine! People secured rights to the first images of baby Maxwell for $800,000. {That's nothing compared to the $14 million given to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for images of their twins}! But, still... Jessica also signed a deal with Weight Watchers for $3 million... Continue Reading →

More On Maxwell…

Jessica Simpson gave birth yesterday to daughter, Maxwell Drew in a swanky, luxury suite in Los Angeles' Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. Check out the photos below. This suite goes for $3784 a night with plenty of amenities including: three bedrooms, two baths, a flat screen TV, DVD player, a  refrigerator stocked with bottled water and juice,... Continue Reading →

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