Shrimp “Pho-like”

I made shrimp pho (pronounced fuh) for the first time and it was YUMMY, thanks to a few (yes, a few) recipes I found on Pinterest!  I had a couple of friends ask me to share the recipe, so I decided to share it on the blog.


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Dear Bliss…

Dear Bliss…

“I’m in need of a Mommy Style Makeover! I’m a new mommy to a beautiful baby girl and I am ready for a new look! Do you have any suggestions on how I could spruce up my style, post-baby?”

Let me just say, this came from one of my dearest friends –who never missed a beat while she was pregnant! But, okay, mama! Let’s go back to the basics. Here’s what I recommend…

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My Favorite Things: Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year again…  We’re getting down to the wire and Christmas is quickly approaching! Though it comes the same time every year, Christmas always seems to catch us by surprise. If you’re like me you’re probably suffering from “twofer!” You know, ‘two for me and one for them…’ And that’s probably why your Christmas shopping list is incomplete.

my fav 2

Well, let’s check out a few gift ideas to help complete your shopping list…

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