Dear Bliss…

Dear Bliss…

“I’m in need of a Mommy Style Makeover! I’m a new mommy to a beautiful baby girl and I am ready for a new look! Do you have any suggestions on how I could spruce up my style, post-baby?”

Let me just say, this came from one of my dearest friends –who never missed a beat while she was pregnant! But, okay, mama! Let’s go back to the basics. Here’s what I recommend…


Tip #1: Shapewear 

Defy gravity with a good bra and shapewear. Whatever your problem area, there’s a garment for that! “Shape it ’til you make it!”

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Tip #2: Hair

Get a new ‘do! A fresh-cut and color is in order! Being a mother is full-time job, so I would recommend something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. A “lob” or “midi bob” as I like to call it, just might do the trick! It’s long enough to pull back into a ponytail and short enough to give you that boost you’re seeking. You and your stylist can determine the perfect length for you. Another advantage to a midi bob is growing out your hair without that awkward transitional stage! Whatever you decide, just make sure your hair is healthy and has a great shape. Don’t forget– color complements your cut! If you want highlights or lowlights, ombre’ and balayage techniques give you a little wiggle room in between visits. Darker roots can be more forgiving and less alarming once your natural color starts peeking through! If you want to avoid highlights, try a nice, rich, one-step color or gloss for an overall healthy shine.


Tip #3: Beauty

Time is limited, but carve out five minutes for your face! Never leave the house without a quick and simple beauty regimen. For me, that consists of a moisturizer, bronzer and/or blush, lipstick or gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and a nice fragrance! When baby is asleep and you have time, paint your nails. That’s always a nice little treat!



Tip #4: Wardrobe

For some reason a good pair of jeans comes to mind! I have a closet full of jeans, but I probably have about three or four pairs in heavy rotation. My favorite pair of office jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and an awesome pair of distressed jeans!

I also recommend purchasing a pair of cute, versatile flats. From what I gather, your feet sometimes get bigger, so before you splurge on a pair of pumps, wait a few months to see how to best please your feet!


Tip #5: Time

This tip is probably the most important of them all! Give yourself time to recoup, adjust, and enjoy motherhood! Tips one through four are simple reminders to take time out for yourself every now and then. :)

I hope this is a good start to your style enhancement! Please share your style chronicles… Thank you for inspiring this post!



2 thoughts on “Dear Bliss…

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  1. You gave such awesome suggestions for mothers with baby’s of all ages (considering my baby is 9)…
    Your post gives me hope to put on something other than leggings and a long shirt. I am going to take your advise…pics to come

  2. Great tips!!! I certainly know the feeling of trying to feel like your old self after having a baby. With your tips I have no doubt she’ll be back in no time! :-)
    Now…Ms. Fashionista I am in dire need of Fall/Winter fashion tips. It’s been on my heart to request for you to share your fashion recommendations for us more fashion challenged divas who are on a budget. :-)

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