A Scent of Sophistication…

Most men would agree that one of the sexiest attributes of a woman is the way she smells. Your fragrance says a lot about you. “CONFIDENCE, CLASSY, and SENSUAL” will describe you, before uttering a single word!  Like my mother, I am a fragrance hoarder! Here are a few of my favorites…

Marc Jacobs Daisy is free-spirited and fun! This scent carries notes of wild strawberries, violet leaves, vanilla, and grapefruit… It’s a playful fragrance that any body chemistry would approve! Daisy Eau So Fresh is a little sweeter and will not disappoint…

Prada Infusion D’Iris is a light, bright, dreamlike scent. With notes of orange blossom, iris, and mandarin, no wonder it received the Fragrance Foundation FiFi’s  Award for the Nouveau Niche Fragrance of the Year, in 2008!

Dolce & Gabbana The One, and The One Rose is a tantalizing  combination of  femininity and masculinity. It has a strong personality with a lingering sweetness to balance it out. This fragrance has outstanding notes of vanilla, amber, musk, peach, lychee, and Madonna lily to name a few. If you prefer something a little more playful, but still modern, Rose is The One for you. Its notes include those of the initial fragrance,  topped off with Bulgarian rose…

J’adore is one of my favorite scent because it’s both heavy and light. It’s heavy in the sense that a little goes a long way, all day long! There are sweet notes of Turkish rose and jasmine that really stands out!

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is one of Chanel’s best-sellers. It’s a youthful scent that  is described as innocent and seductive. It’s light, yet captivating with notes of grapefruit, white musk and Jasmine Absolute.

And for the women on-the-go, don’t forget your rollerballs! :) Your make-up bag isn’t complete without it!!!

 This is probably one of my most difficult posts to date! Having to narrow down my favorite scents seemed evil! Did your favorite scent make the list? If not, leave a comment!!!

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  1. My favorite scent right now is Burberry Brit Sheer. It’s so hard to pick a favorite though, my favorite definitely depends on my mood. I also love Ferragamo Incanto Shine, Burberry The Beat, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Stella McCartney Stella, Stella McCartney Nude, Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria and the list goes on. My name is Courtnee Spence and I am a perfume hoarder as well….They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. LOL

    1. YES!!! It is sooo hard to choose and you’re right, your mood has a lot to do with your selection! I think I have most of the ones you named! LOL! I’ll have to check out Stella McCartney’s line though. I’m always open to something new! Being a woman is hard work and we have to make sure we smell good!

  2. I love Sean John Unforgivable for Women, Red Door is a classic for me, and Angel is my fallback…I LOVE perfume. Oh and for any guys reading this Chrome by Loris Azzaro gets all the ladies guaranteed!!!

    P.S LOVE The SITE!

      1. I have the Sean John Unforgivable for Women too. It smells really good!

        If you do a fragrance for guys post you should feature Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (thats the cologne with a mans naked body, its smells divine!).

  3. Girl, I’ve experienced the wonderful joy of wearing most of your recommended fragrances! We are connected other than by hair! LOL Girl I am soooo in love with the Jimmy Choo right now…saving my dollars now for that bad boy!! No pull-ups for Ms. Alani in May!!! LOL
    Oh, and speaking from experience, men looove a woman who smells good!!! ;-)

  4. A few of my favorites made your list….I change my fragrance with the season!! For spring/summer, my favorite is CLINIQUE in Bloom.. Nice, floral, light scent that works well for day or night!! I can’t forget about COACH POPPY FLOWER!! ITS AMAZING!! Tom Ford is ranked really high on my list,also!! As I am thinking, my list goes on and on to include… Kate Spade, Juicy (Original and Viva La Juicy) a Burberrry Summer, Fancy by Jessica Simpson, and Original Scent Michael Kors. SN: Sephora sells an atomizer that will allow you to convert your favorite scent into a travel rollerball with a spray!!

  5. Courtnee and Shekerra are definitely perfume (and nail polish) hoarders! I am technically allergic to all perfumes, but I wear them anyway. My fall/winter scent is Gucci Guilty and my spring/summer scent is Ferragamo Incanto Charms. I’m going to check out the Stella line – Thanks Courtnee! Remember when we would sneak over to the fragrance section at Bloomie’s looking for new scents? : ) For men: YSL L’Homme (fall/winter) and L’Homme Libre (spring/summer)

    1. I think I have officially heard it all: ” I am technically allergic to all perfumes, but I wear them anyway.” Now that is what I call ADDICTED!!! And yes,YSL L’Homme will do it for me at ANY season! THAT is the my FAVORITE fragrance for a man!

      1. Lmao, we had some great times at that job! I definitely love nail polish. I’m worried about starting a real job next year and not being able to wear all my fabulous nail colors. Corporate America is so conservative! :(

  6. My favorite perfume at the moment is versace vanitas. It may be going out of stock, because its getting a little harder for me to find :(

  7. I am also a fragrance hoarder!!!! MJ Daisy and DG The One are definitely ones to keep in stock! I had to go all the way to London to fall in love with Lady Million and Tiempe Passate! Oooh I get excited just thinking abt these fragrances (I am truely a fragrance lover). My “oldies but goldies” collection includes Shi by Alfred Sung, CK Euphoria, and Kenneth Cole Black! And although I don’t care for Sean Jean the man…I am a lover of Unforgivable Woman!

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