Dream… Pray… Work!

We’ve all heard the expression, “prayer changes things” — and it does. It’s not as simple as it sounds. Today’s message in church was a reality check for me. Oftentimes, I find myself praying the same prayer over and over not realizing that God has already spoken… What do I mean by that? Well…

Have you ever prayed about something and really paid attention to things and conversations that happen following that prayer? For example you might pray: “Lord, I want to do something in fashion… I just don’t know what?!” Then “out of the blue,” someone may come up to you and compliment you on your style or your “eye for fashion,” or ask you if you ever thought about… or let me introduce you to… or bring you articles about how a professional got started… That’s no coincidence! With prayer we must change too! We must be willing to trust God and have confidence that He will protect us, provide for us, and give us strength to persevere and conquer!!! Prayer empowers us get the job done. {This is where it hit home for me…} I’ve prayed. I’ve gotten answers. But! I keep looking for God to make the move, all the while He’s waiting on ME to move my feet! This was like a “DUH!” moment for me, but I swear it just made sense today!

With that being said, if God answered your prayer today, would you be prepared??? Now that I have a better understanding, I have a LOT of work to do!

A dream without a plan is just a wish… – Katherine Paterson


3 thoughts on “Dream… Pray… Work!

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  1. Good one!! My new goal is to live in the moment and to be more observant. I get too caught up in what I need to do tomorrow, next year and 5 years from now and I think that’s why I am missing when God answers my prayers. I was always looking for a big obvious sign from God and He’s been giving me subtle and not so subtle signs and I’ve been overlooking them…not anymore!!

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