Color Your Day With Denim!

Remember Cross Colours??? Maybe Punky Brewster was more your style. Either way, if you grew up in the ’80s, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Because in the ’90s, we were rockin’ crazy COLORED DENIM! I’m so happy to wear them again. Yeah, yeah so what they came back a couple of seasons ago. They’re still relevant for fall! Whether you decide to color-block, wear prints, or pair them with a neutral top– JUST GO FOR IT! Remember, you don’t have to look like a Skittle. You have the option of more subdued colors like pale pink, brick-red, brown or olive-green. Choose your favorite shade and make it you!

Cameron Diaz - Alexa Chung - Denim

I love feedback… If you’d like to blissfully vent about your colored denim, please leave a comment or email pics to

13 thoughts on “Color Your Day With Denim!

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  1. OMG who would have ever thought that the colorjeans would be back in style and hot as ever… Miz Sprinkles Im so getting me sun blue, yellow and red.. lol. Stacy Thanks for the post boo.

  2. Thanks for comments ladies! Kimmy, since you don't want to be too colorful, you could pair your royal blue denim with a fun graphic tee and a blazer. Perhaps a colorful stiletto if you did a neutral top. (The shoes really depend on the top, in my opinion). If you do a colorful top, don't do colorful shoes! Both bright and pale yellow complements blue. Blue is an easy color to work with, so you'll have plenty of options! :)

  3. Okay, this is good news for me…lol, because I've been digging the colored denim, but haven't rocked it because I wasn't sure if it was "in"…I actually have a dope yellow pair that I fiercely rocked a few years ago with a b&w zebra print blouse…but I've been afraid to pull them back out for fear of harassment by the fashion police! LOL…but, Shekerra, you know I've always loved your fashion sense, so since you give it the green light, I'm game! Now, I'll probably leave the yellow ones in the closet until the Spring/Summer…but I'll go grab a pair in red, green and a funky shade of blue, asap! :-)

  4. I'll have to dig out that pic…it's on my FB page somewhere…I hope you approve! I think you've seen it before though, because I remember telling you that it was the first time that I went out of my comfort zone…out the box…and took a risk with my fashion sense…as a matter of fact…I bought it to wear to a Grammy event in Atlanta a few yrs back…waiiiit, wasn't it you that went with me?!!?

  5. I'm soo on it girl with the colored denim…just purchased a pair in white and in red a couple of weeks ago…wanted to buy all of the colors in the rainbow! Need a J.O.B first!!! LOL

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