Going Green!

I am SO digging shades of military greens on my nails these days! Now, some of these colors may not look appealing in the bottle, but I PROMISE it’s worth a try! It’s both sexy and sophisticated, as well as work-appropriate for most industries…

fall 2011 nail polish trend military green nail color

I just recently purchased Westside Warrior and Trendsetter (swatches below) by China Glaze. I couldn’t decide which color I wanted to wear first, so I used both! They complement each other… So, why not? Ladies, put those Ulta coupons to good use or go to your local drugstore or superstore and find something comparable! –SALUTE!!!

Westside Warrior

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  1. I looooove these colors! And I actually never would have thought to try these on my own. See, this is why I need some Sprinkles of Bliss in my life! To give me the update on what's the trend, and give me the kick to push my own style envelope and go out my predictable little box! ;-)

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