‘Printy’ Please!

Two words: I’M OBSESSED!!!

I can’t get enough of printed pants! I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE all the funky, playful patterns. Funny thing is, prints use be a rarity in my closet, now I can’t dress without them! It’s an interesting way to go from simple to whimsical!

It’s a bold statement, yet a pleasant surprise!

Though some patterns can be intimidating, it adds a little quirk to your style. Just pair them with an understated top and you have a winner! Generally, it’s all about the fit.

Will you print or pass?

2 thoughts on “‘Printy’ Please!

Add yours

  1. I must admit, I don’t have any print pants in my closet but I am not oppose to it if they’re the right pair. I’ll certainly share with Bliss when I find that perfect pair to shake-up my closet! :-)

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