Rihanna: New Do. New Tattoo!


Rihanna‘s been one busy girl. With no surprise, she’s altered look by changing up her hairstyle. Now she has a tattoo…

She dedicated her newest art to her late grandmother, whom she referred to as “Grangrandolly.”

She tweeted:

“Goddess Isis – Complete Woman- Model for future generations #GRANGRANDOLLY- always in my heart #1love.”

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess that symbolizes motherhood, magic, and fertility. She was perceived as the ideal mother and wife. The name Isis means “throne,” which she represented  through her headdress.

Rihanna 2012 Paralympic Games Afterparty at the Arts Club - London, England - WENN.com

What do you think of her latest look?


5 thoughts on “Rihanna: New Do. New Tattoo!

Add yours

  1. I don’t love her hair…it’s just ok. I think her new tat is amazing, but probably painful. Yikes! I think a bunch of girls will copy her new ink.

  2. I love the new look/hair-do…shows off her natural beauty. Love to see a woman who’s not hidden behind hair an a lot of make-up, very bold…go Ri-Ri!!! I’m really lovin’ her these days ya’ll,very inspirational… :-)

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