Easter Tablescape

It’s that time again! Another holiday, means another tablescape! Seems like everyone is planning an Easter brunch or dinner. Meanwhile, I’m planning… Actually I don’t think I’m planning anything at the moment! Oh well, spontaneity keeps me going!


Since my last post, I’ve made a few updates. First, I added a couple of over-sized captain chairs to the table. I’m always purchasing things that can’t fit in my car, and freak out about it later! Luckily, my friend Sarah volunteered her SUV and came to my rescue! Thank God they fit in her car! I was still a bit apprehensive about the chairs fitting in my small dining area! I mean, it’s still a bit tight, but I love the contrast.


I enjoy having a neutral color palette, but whenever I can incorporate pops of color, I will. What can I say, color is a huge commitment, especially in small spaces! Maybe I’ll surprise you guys in my next home… I’m excited to almost have this room complete! Once I find a rug, it’ll round out this space nicely.


Oh, Easter! Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment… Easter is probably one of my favorite holidays. I have a bunch of childhood memories surrounding it! My Granny would sign me up for the church Easter program, so my mom would take me shopping to pick out a new poofy dress, new ruffled socks and patented leather shoes! To top off my look, she would stay up late doing my hair. My clothes would be laid out for the next morning and to my surprise, I’d have a couple of custom Easter baskets waiting for me also! After church was usually some sort of photo-op, Easter egg hunt and dinner.


Oh! And my Grandma baked me a “bunny cake” for about 28 years straight – until she got ill! I’m so glad I was able to find this picture! It was yellow cake, maybe even lemon, with vanilla icing. She would make the face and ears our of jellybeans. She also decorated the sheet pan with grass, colorful eggs that she dyed, and sometimes candy! She also left a few eggs for me to color, as well! Ah, the memories!


I guess that’s partially why I like to decorate. The memories of my childhood has inspired the adult I am today. When I have children, I hope my cheesy decor and dinners are lasting memories for them also. I could go on, but I’ll stop here and share my second update – a sneak peak of my bar cart!


Hope you enjoyed my rant, as much as I did! Do you have any Easter memories or traditions you’d like to share? Leave a comment!

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  1. I remember those cakes like yesterday Mrs. Gibson always make you. I was probably apart of those Easter dresses, socks and shoes. The best dressed little girl ever. Love the

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