Common Scents!

Happy February guys! We’re one step closer to spring and warmer temperatures! In the meantime, I plan on spending this month with rose-colored sunnies on! As much as I noticed how long January felt, I let it run its course, with minimal complaints! I made a conscious effort to live, feel, and not rush time as I usually do. (Making progress)… This month, I’m going to focus on mood. What better way to enhance my mood, than with candles!!!

As I mentioned in my January post , (I know, a single post all month-long), I want to take more bubble baths with candles… Still working on making time for bubbles, but candles have become part of my lifestyle! It’s probably more like a bad habit, but they really do elevate my mood at times – so I have one for every mood!


I shop them high and low, light and bold, soft and sweet, feminine and masculine! Literally a fragrance for everything! Just cleaned the house? There’s a candle for that! Want to relax? Gotta candle for that! Feeling sexy? No problem, gotta candle for that too! Streaming church??? Missing him??? You get the point, I have a candle for every mood between hot and holy! (Don’t judge me).


I have a couple rules regarding my favorite candles…

Rule #1 – Rotate fragrances.

Rule #2 – If the lights go out; DON’T BURN MY GOOD CANDLES!!!! I have designated unscented candles for survival mode.


I love introducing new fragrances to my friends and family. Now, my mom expects a “surprise” every holiday! Think about it… Scents can take you “places.” Why not steal a few moments from your regular routine and enjoy a mental escape? Personally, I enjoy “mature” fragrances that take over my senses and mellow me out. I avoid “bubblegum” fragrances. Nothing worse than an overly “fruity-floral-musk!”


Perhaps I have a mild addiction, but we all have something, right? Do you love candles as much as I do? Do tell!

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  1. I’m all about the candles, but I’m also admiring the decor in your home too. I vote for a decor post. What are your favorite stores to shop at? So glad you’re back to posting. I love your blog!

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