Throwback Thursday: Nostalgia TV

I love things that remind me of my childhood! So today, I’m going to take a stroll down memory lane… You know you were an 80’s baby or a 90’s kid if you remember these television shows!

Growing Pains

The 1980s and early '90s were full of family sitcoms, but few were as memorable as ABC's 'Growing Pains,' which followed the ups and downs of the Seaver family of Long Island. During the show's long run from 1985-1992, audiences watched the young cast members grow into adults - and even caught a glimpse of some A-list actors before they were stars. Show us that smile again ... and see where the cast of 'Growing Pains' ended up.

Just the Ten of Us


A Different World


227 tv show photo

7th Heaven

Step By Step

Step by Step tv show photo

Full House

Full House tv show photo


Mr. Belvedere

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Party of Five

Party of Five tv show photo

Family Matters

The list goes on and on. I thought of at least 30 shows and theme songs.  Remember the T.G.I.F segments on ABC, I think it was? Remember how there was always a POSITIVE lesson to be learned at the end of each show? Make wise decisions… Be kind to one another… Family is everything! What happened to those days? Anyways, I think I’ll dedicate Thursdays to my childhood memories for  a while. If your favorite 90’s show didn’t cut, {and I know there are TONS} leave a comment and we’ll reminisce!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Nostalgia TV

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  1. TGIF on ABC!!!!!! You couldn’t wait til Friday evenings to watch your shows. And you missed a biggie for me……Boy Meets World! Part of the TGIF lineup. Corey + Topanga = best teenage relationship. ANNNNNNNDDDDD Living Single and their drama. They don’t make tv shows like they used to. Now TV is bombarded by trashy reality shows. Gag me

  2. I was such a huge fan of most of these shows!!!! It’s such a shame how reality t.v. has really taken over. It would be such a blessing to wake-up in the morning only to learn reality t.v. was all a horrible nightmare! LOL Sorry….soo not a fan Bliss!!!! LOL

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