All Tied Up!

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One of my new obsessions… The 70’s inspired bow-tie blouse! It’s sexy, sophisticated, romantic and uber feminine… I swear this particular blouse makes me want to speak French! Parlez-vous français?… Très magnifique!!! (OK, enough of that)! I REALLY want the one below, but I’m afraid to know what Neiman Marcus is demanding for it $$$$…

It’s very versatile…You can pair them with skirts, pants, or even jeans!
Want to turn it up a notch? Try layering it with a V-neck sweater or cardigan.
C’mon ladies… I think we should all have a least one!

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  1. I am soo on the hunt for one…two…or maybe three of these cute tops! Hey…I may need to wear one to a job interview right?! ? LOL I'm soo in trouble….THANKS SHEKERRA…aka Buckdhead!!! LOL

  2. You know what, Shekerra…that's another topic for you to share with us (see Soochic's comment above): How to dress for an interview. Prime example: While I was visiting my sister in LA, I had a job interview with a PR firm…traditionally, I wore a suit. HOWEVER, I felt dated…and I think the interviewer thought so too. Even though it was nice (and expensive), I think they shy'd away from me because my look was so traditional…stock…boring, I guess. some people/places say ALWAYS wear a suit…but in a lot of cases, you can still interview with a certain style of dress that isn't "just a suit"….argh! Help here!! Because I also bought this stylish, but still professional DRESS SUIT to wear to the next interview that I get. It's a grey dress that stops just above the knee, with a fitted blazer that came with it. I'll have to email you a pic. Anyway…I say ALLLLLLLLL this to ask: What are some classic, yet trendy and fashionable ways to dress for an interview? Post some pieces, please!

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