RE: All Tied Up!

Look at what Blissful Follower,  Kimberly in Charlotte, NC found in the back of her closet... No, it's not a freakum dress, but it IS on my list of 2011 trendy, must-haves... A bow-tie blouse! Thanks, Kimberly for your support! I LOVE FEEDBACK!

RE: All Tied Up!

This has to be the most rewarding part about blogging, especially when you're just starting out! I am so thrilled to share these pics from one of my Blissful Followers, Le'Chic in Atlanta, GA! She found her emerald-colored, bow-tie blouse for $16.99 at Rainbow! What a steal?! According to Le’Chic, this blouse comes in a rich chocolate-brown,... Continue Reading →

All Tied Up!

One of my new obsessions... The 70's inspired bow-tie blouse! It's sexy, sophisticated, romantic and uber feminine... I swear this particular blouse makes me want to speak French! Parlez-vous français?... Très magnifique!!! (OK, enough of that)! I REALLY want the one below, but I'm afraid to know what Neiman Marcus is demanding for it $$$$... It's very versatile...You can pair them with skirts,... Continue Reading →

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