Walking With Flare

Flare is back and I’m on a ’70s kick! My favorite style of flared denim is the HIGH-RISE! I emphasize high-rise, so that you won’t get that awful visual of high-waisted-gone-wrong. Remember that trend a few years ago? So many fashion felons!  I love this cut because I adore the silhouette. They hug whatever curves you may have, elongate the legs AND make you appear thinner! What’s not to like? Three benefits in one pair of jeans?… I’m sold!

Remember, flare doesn’t mean that you should be tripping up on a bunch of excessive fabric. If you want to try the high-rise cut, make sure it hits a little below your belly button (not under your breasts)! I would suggest wearing them with a nice blouse (tucked in), a skinny belt, and chunky heels! Don’t forget to accessorize! If want to turn a few more heads, add a nice floppy hat!

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  1. Shekerra, get out of my brain!!! I was online two days ago, looking at H&M and Wet Seal's websites…trying to find some things to buy…and I see the a few flare pants…I'm wondering if they are back in, or just a European style…because I know the skinny leg has dominated lately…and I say to myself, "no! not the flare!" I mean, I have a few nice flares fro Arden B…but I'm not sure I'm ready to take those back out the closet yet because I'm still having so much fun with the skinnies!! And you already know, the minute one style comes back in, the current one goes into remission for a few years…I'm still loving the skinny, so can we postpone the comeback of the flare?

  2. No time to postpone flare! LOL! Not sure how long she'll be around! I am definitely a part of the skinny-jean movement, but I like to switch it up sometimes. That's not to say you should have a closet full of flare. But, I will admit to having a few pairs…

  3. And what's funny…I'm recently wanting to get in on dresses too…I played with them this summer…I like both short and long ones…but it's so cold outside. Maybe you can help out those like me and post 'how to "dress" for cold weather!' ;-)

  4. Because you know me…I like cute things, but most times I have to "see" it to put it together so I know "how" to wear it…like in a magazine, or store window…because I don't have the knack for piecing together unique pieces on my own. And I suuuuuuure don't know how to wear a dress in winter…like what coat do you wear so you don't lose the look of the dress in some random coat? LoL, speaking of which, I'm not good with coats either…it's getting cold over here in Europe and I need a new coat…but I don't know what kind to get…yeah, I guess I just need to pay you a retainer…when I make it in this world, you'll have to shop for me and style me!

  5. Never owned a paid of these type of pants before…I've seen my sister and Shekerra rock them a time or two….Guess I'll be a fly unemployed diva going into 2012…Don't have to look broke right?!? LOL

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