Cosmetic Buffet

‘Tis the season for great bargains and fabulous finds! Now is the time to sample all the best-selling cosmetics and fragrances you’ve always wanted to try. They also make awesome gifts or stocking stuffers. Sephora is a great place to indulge at a reasonable price (at least during this time of year). I’m a little embarrassed to share this story, but I’ll share it anyways. Last year, I received one the Sephora Favorite Fragrance Sets. At first glance, I was disappointed to see a bunch of little “perfume samples!” After I put my foot in my mouth, I realized that I had a voucher to purchase a full-sized bottle… Oops! It’s actually a good marketing tool because chances are you’re going to want them all… Especially if you’re a Libra!
Don’t miss your chance to stock your make-up bags with the latest goodies! Don’t forget about Target… I always find good deals there too! I love to buy the E.L.F. lip glosses which are ALWAYS super-cheap! All this talk is pumping me up for Black Friday! Can’t wait to see what deals I find. If you happen to stumble across something major, email me the who, what, when, and where at Pics are also welcomed! Can’t wait to see what you add to your my bag!!!

4 thoughts on “Cosmetic Buffet

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  1. I'm not big on makeup…but I do love lip gloss and perfumes! Remember when we picked out the Dolce "Light Blue" for your mom a few years back? Well, I FINALLY bought it for myself…and I'm loving it!! I find myself smelling myself all the time! LOL!! Next I'm going to buy Chloe…i love that fragrance too…it stays fresh for a long time and lingers on your clothes for days…I love when fragrances stay on my clothes!

  2. I have a laundry list of fragrances I want now because of that set! I'm on the hunt for some new blush, so I'm going to take advantage! Although you're not into to makeup, you should always have a good eyeliner, blush, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara on standby at ALL times! Girl-code…

  3. I absolutely LOVE that Chloe! Of course Chanel 5 will ALWAYS be my "can't live without". My fav mascara right now is VS… actually they have some nice bronzers and lip sticks as well… I wanna get the new Dolce and Gabana dou (lipstick and gloss in one)!

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