Surprise, Surprise!

OMG! I woke up feeling time-warped! Friday the thirteenth never sounded so good, thanks to Beyonce’!

She managed to pull off the best-kept secret in music history, releasing a “visual album” overnight! It consists of 14 new tracks and 17 music videos showcasing variations of her “Grown Woman” persona available NOW, exclusively on iTunes. But, don’t you worry! Manufacturing of physical albums begins Thursday, and will be available just in time for stocking-stuffers!!!! {Thank God, because I am a collector}!


Leave it to Bey to “ax” promotions and simply release her album not because of demanding record label timelines or demanding fans… But, simply because “it’s ready!”

 Whether you love her or LOOOOVE her {there’s no other options}, she’s a game-changer! You have to admit that she sets the tone! That speaks volumes not only to her artistry, but also to the woman she’s become! #GENIUS!

Artistic integrity? Beyonce also wants to appear as a deep-thinking pop philosopher with Mine

How excited are you????!!!!

2 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise!

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  1. OMG!!! Beyoncé is total the BOMB!!! Every song on the CD is the bomb. Beyoncé is all of that and then some. Thanks for the post Ms. Gibson!!!

  2. Since mid December this has been the only DVD that plays in my car. All 17 videos are simply GREAT! #allmypasaengerswillbeabeyoncefan

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