Black & White

While we’re accustomed to welcoming spring with floral, pastels, and bright colors, designers have put a huge emphasis on black and white during spring 2013 fashion week.

Some may call it a trend, others may call it classic. Both are correct depending on how you wear it!

Make a statement with bold stripes or patterns…

But, be careful! Large graphic patterns can be a bit unforgiving. If you choose your pieces carefully, you can create a flattering silhouette!

Whether on the runway…

The red carpet…

On set…

IMG_0920Or the orange cove, it’s an achievable look!

Great minds think alike… A little office couture is worth a vogue session!

Thanks for the pictures ladies!- xoxo

3 thoughts on “Black & White

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  1. Great topic…soo missed the fashion pieces! :-) Black & white will forever be a combination that one can never go wrong with…clearly! You 3 ladies in the pic made that very clear, very nicely done! :-)

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