Black & White

While we're accustomed to welcoming spring with floral, pastels, and bright colors, designers have put a huge emphasis on black and white during spring 2013 fashion week. Some may call it a trend, others may call it classic. Both are correct depending on how you wear it! Make a statement with bold stripes or patterns...... Continue Reading →

Office Couture!

Ok, so to be honest, I haven't worn this outfit to work... But, I would! See thing is, I'm addicted to jeans! I'd much rather dress up a pair of jeans and call it a day. I was on a mission to find "work pants" to switch things up a little. I don't know about... Continue Reading →

Dear Bliss…

I have a new assignment AND a new segment! YAY!!! I received an email from BF, Nicole P. She wrote: Hello! Can I make a request for a topic on Bliss? I'm sure that you are super fabulous and fashionable when you walk into the office every morning : ) I think we are at... Continue Reading →

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