Dear Bliss…

I have a new assignment AND a new segment! YAY!!! I received an email from BF, Nicole P.

She wrote:

Hello! Can I make a request for a topic on Bliss? I’m sure that you are super fabulous and fashionable when you walk into the office every morning : ) I think we are at an odd age where we still want to be fashionable and wear fun pieces in the office, but most stores target older professional women and that stuff can be pretty boring. Sure, there’s Express, but I feel like all of my co-workers that are my age are wearing the same Express shirt in a different color. You could hate this idea ,but I’d love to read a piece on what to wear in the office. You could even make it a piece that you run each season ; ) Muchas gracias! – Nicole – Atlanta, GA

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for reading Bliss and your topic suggestion! I would LOVE to incorporate and translate seasonal trends into “office couture!” And thanks to you, Office Couture will be a new segment on Bliss! Now guys, I’m going to need your help with this. You have to promise that you’ll send in pics occasionally and show off YOUR office couture… One more thing, I don’t have a photographer, so pardon me in advance for mirror pics in the future… Deal???

I like to take risks when it comes to fashion. I’m not always right, but I’m always willing to give it a try! I’m a firm believer that you should dress for the job you desire, not the job you have, within your budget! I would LOVE to be in the fashion industry, but I’m not! That doesn’t mean I have to leave my dream in the closet! I think if we stay true to our passion, that alone will set you apart from the lady in the next cubicle. At least that’s a start!!!!


Rarely will you find me in a skirt. It’s a great way to show off some snazzy  shoes. In this case, the stripes are the statement. So everything else is toned down.

Bright Pants:

 This outfits started with the necklace that I’ve had for years. I came across the pants in back of my closet and decided to give a try.


I know what you’re thinking… This outfit is BRIGHT! You’re right! It is bright… When you wear bright colors, you become someone’s sunshine. Try it! I bet you get more smiles in a day, than you did last week!

{Bright colors are to smiles, as bees are to honey!}

Nicole, to answer your question, I shop everywhere. Thrift stores, sales racks from stores I can’t afford on a daily basis, Target, Marshall’s, wherever. I just buy stuff and put it together later. If you’re satisfied with pants, or blouses from Express– buy it! Just mix it up a little and make sure you accessorize!

***DISCLAIMER:  I work in a casual, yet professional environment. Please understand that my choices may not work in every profession. However, most trends can be worn to some extent! :) ***

7 thoughts on “Dear Bliss…

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  1. Great looks…it’s certainly a plus to work in a casual yet professional environment. :-) I’m still a work in progress but I definitely do me at all times! Looking forward to future spreads like this!!!

  2. I love it! Especiallllllly those turq pants! You’ve just inspired me to pull out my kelly green ones! But you know me… I absolutelty HATE mixing my “personality clothes” with my work clothes… LOL…

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