Throwback Thursday: Board Games!

Remember back in the day when board games were a part of family time and essential for every sleepover???

Did you ever play these?

Dream Phone

Operation… Don’t get electrocuted!

Candy Land The cutoff age was 6, but I had a hard time letting this game go!

Is your person wearing a hat? Guess Who???

Girl Talk


My addition started at a young age… Mall Madness!

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Board Games!

Add yours

  1. OMG I HAD EVERY ONE OF THOSE!!! LOL…. I remember Trouble…Perfection.. Clue.. Connect Four, Battle Ship… Man.. I miss the 80’s-90’s… times were so much simpler! This just took me back forreal!

  2. I had all of these! But board games aren’t that fun when you’re an only child : / I’m sure my parents hated playing these with me. LOL!

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