Happy Birthday Friends!!!

Sometimes we just don't do enough celebrating! I admit I didn't blog much last year, so I'm going to make sure I make a conscious effort to do a better job this year! That being said, I would like you guys to join me in wishing a couple friends a very HAPPY birthday!!!! Nicole P.... Continue Reading →

Today’s Inspiration…

It's Monday and I'm inspired to be the best me I can be, no matter what! We are equipped with grace and mercy to fulfill His will. The battle is NOT yours... You know the rest! Happy Monday! :)

Second Time Around: Inauguration 2013!

Today is a monumental day for many reasons. Not only will President Obama be sworn in for a second term, he will be using the Bible of former president, Abraham Lincoln and the "traveling Bible" of African-American Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., on the day that is memorialized for Dr. King, and... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope your year is filled with laughter, happiness, success, and good health. Dance in the rain, smile through the pain, and above  all things remember this: Nothing can come against you that God does not permit! He will deliver you from whatever you you're going through, even if it seems impossible! Every test has a... Continue Reading →

Free Your Mind!

We've all been told how powerful thoughts are. The way we think can sometimes help or hinder our blessings. Remember, God knows what we want and need before we ask. He also knows what's best for us before we have a clue. Today I challenge you along with myself to let go and let God!... Continue Reading →

Social Responsibility!

Today is the day to make your voice be heard. No matter which party you support, be among the privileged and cast your vote! Voting is an honor. A privilege. A duty. Be responsible! Your future depends on it...

Goblins To Glory!

Oftentimes you'll hear people say: "Halloween is not my favorite holiday," or "I don't celebrate Halloween." I'm not sure what they mean by celebrate, but I ran across a story on Facebook that shines a more positive light and to me worth celebrating.... You've seen her before on Bliss <here>... The amazing makeup artist. I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

I'll never resist an opportunity to dress up, especially if a 'fro is involved!  I decided on a subtle, nostalgic look this year. I've gotten Foxy...Tina Turner... Even Beyonce?! (I won't argue with that! I'll take Beyonce' any day of the week)! LOL! I hope you all are taking advantage of this day and being... Continue Reading →

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