Happy New Year!!!!

Hope your year is filled with laughter, happiness, success, and good health. Dance in the rain, smile through the pain, and above  all things remember this: Nothing can come against you that God does not permit! He will deliver you from whatever you you’re going through, even if it seems impossible! Every test has a testimony… Every trial has a triumph… There are  no dress rehearsals, no auditions in this journey of life. Live every moment deliberately.

Understand that people cross our paths for a specific purpose. Some are meant to make us laugh, some are meant to make us cry, but no one is meant to stay forever. Don’t fret! People are not tied your destiny! Whatever or whomever God has for you, is for you! If you reflect upon on your toughest moments, you’ll thank God that He gave what you needed and not what you asked for. And TWELVE times out of ten, it will be better than you could have ever imagined! More than you could ever hope for! Now I can’t tell you what your 365-day forecast will have in store. But, this I know… There will be some sunny days, overcast, and stormy days. Each day will be relevant to your purpose.

God allows the storm to last a few days longer than we think we can bear… God allows the storms to strengthen His saints… If you believe in the power of the Lord, you have an advantage in adversity! If you are in the midst of the storm, keep P.U.S.Hing (praying until something happens). Victory is near! Preparation is always the toughest part of success!

Happy 2013!!!!


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