I’m Baaaack!!!

Hey guys! I'm back! Not sure to what capacity, but it's a start! Boy, have I missed my outlet! I'm a beginner again so, it'll take some time for me to get back in the groove. I can't tell you how many times I've put this off. It's a new year, so what better time... Continue Reading →

War Of Words…

What were the last words you uttered? We've all experienced the impact words can have, be it negative or positive. But, what we don't realize is the POWER and CONTROL we possess on situations we cannot control... Yesterday as I was cleaning, I caught a few episodes of Oprah's Lifeclass. "Whatever follows I AM... will... Continue Reading →

Today’s Inspiration…

I declare today will be a FANTASTIC day! I haven't had my first sip of coffee and I already feel like I can CONQUER THE WORLD! My wings come from God! Caffeine is just for taste! Happy Monday!

Dream… Pray… Work!

We've all heard the expression, "prayer changes things" -- and it does. It's not as simple as it sounds. Today's message in church was a reality check for me. Oftentimes, I find myself praying the same prayer over and over not realizing that God has already spoken... What do I mean by that? Well... Have you ever... Continue Reading →

Today’s Inspiration…

It's Monday and I'm inspired to be the best me I can be, no matter what! We are equipped with grace and mercy to fulfill His will. The battle is NOT yours... You know the rest! Happy Monday! :)

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope your year is filled with laughter, happiness, success, and good health. Dance in the rain, smile through the pain, and above  all things remember this: Nothing can come against you that God does not permit! He will deliver you from whatever you you're going through, even if it seems impossible! Every test has a... Continue Reading →

Free Your Mind!

We've all been told how powerful thoughts are. The way we think can sometimes help or hinder our blessings. Remember, God knows what we want and need before we ask. He also knows what's best for us before we have a clue. Today I challenge you along with myself to let go and let God!... Continue Reading →

A Gift & A Curse!

Do you know yourself as well as you think you do? A couple of years ago when I started my current job, we had to take a mandatory strengths finder test. My first thought was: "Really? There is NO way a test will tell ME what my strengths are! I may as well talk to a... Continue Reading →

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