Goblins To Glory!

Oftentimes you’ll hear people say: “Halloween is not my favorite holiday,” or “I don’t celebrate Halloween.” I’m not sure what they mean by celebrate, but I ran across a story on Facebook that shines a more positive light and to me worth celebrating….

You’ve seen her before on Bliss <here>… The amazing makeup artist. I’m sure those kids were the coolest kids on the block, thanks to Bobbie!

Yes, we see you! LOL! And we also see how God shines through the goriest day ever!


We want pics Bobbie!!!!

5 thoughts on “Goblins To Glory!

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  1. I’m so overwhelmed …. You honestly brought me to tears.. My heart is just filled with joy, happiness and excitement … It took me a LONG time to find my path and to just actually be happy with myself and what I’m doing with my life…..I just want to thank you for acknowledging me and my work Kerra …Really means a lot <3

  2. Love it! I just heard a message today about being a blessing to those that can’t give anything back to you. Great story.

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