Challenger #1: Aspiring Make-up Artist

Great news! I have my first Blissful Challenger! Meet Bobbie Smith…


She is an aspiring make-up artist! The word “aspiring” is belittling to her remarkable talent. She’s well on her way to success.

Check out  her amazing craft…

Can you believe she’s had no formal training?

Bobbie and I were college roommates. I can honestly say make-up artistry is one of  her many talents! Your work is truly impressive. Hard work and determination will quickly transform your title from ‘Aspiring Make-up Artist’ to ‘Renowned Make-up Artist!’

7 thoughts on “Challenger #1: Aspiring Make-up Artist

Add yours

  1. Beautiful…I absolutely love her work girl!! I cannot wait until the day I hear her name dropped in the media. I’ll always remember that you introduced the world to her first cause I know this fabulous blog is gonna be huge by it’s self one day! LOL Great job Bobbie an Shekerra! Your girl know she gotta get her a hustle now…I love it!!!LOL

  2. Amazing, this reminds me of face off. Keep up the great work this is more than make up its art.

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