Free Your Mind!

We've all been told how powerful thoughts are. The way we think can sometimes help or hinder our blessings. Remember, God knows what we want and need before we ask. He also knows what's best for us before we have a clue. Today I challenge you along with myself to let go and let God!... Continue Reading →

Be Kind To Thy Neighbor!

If you're guilty of anything today, you should be guilty of committing random acts of kindness! In Georgia, our Govenor has declared today "Random Acts of Kindness Day."  We are encouraged to do something nice for someone. It doesn't have to cost a thing! Hold open a door... Help someone with their groceries... Say please... Continue Reading →

Challenger #1: Aspiring Make-up Artist

Great news! I have my first Blissful Challenger! Meet Bobbie Smith...   She is an aspiring make-up artist! The word "aspiring" is belittling to her remarkable talent. She's well on her way to success. Check out  her amazing craft... Can you believe she's had no formal training? Bobbie and I were college roommates. I can... Continue Reading →

A Blissful Challenge!

Hello BFs!  I have a few questions for you... What's your vision for 2012? What have done you to make it a reality? Have you given up already? If so, then WHY?! I know we have a lot fun discussing the latest fashion trends and celebrity news, but I wanted to switch it up today...... Continue Reading →

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