A Blissful Challenge!

Hello BFs!  I have a few questions for you… What’s your vision for 2012? What have done you to make it a reality? Have you given up already? If so, then WHY?!

I know we have a lot fun discussing the latest fashion trends and celebrity news, but I wanted to switch it up today… What’s behind the infatuation? Celebrities are people with aspirations that came to fruition. They are part of the reason why we shop so much! We find ourselves admiring what they have, how they look, or daydreaming about the what-ifs… So, what makes us any different from them? Why do we have a laundry list of things we’d LIKE to do?

Did we give up on our vision two weeks into the new year? My friend, Nicole hosted a vision board party/brunch on New Years Day; {or maybe Courtnee invited everyone to Nicole’s place, idk}! Nicole made a yummy french toast casserole, that I still think about! ***Hint-hint!*** Needless to say, it was a great idea.  Here is what I came up with:

You’ll notice that my board is somewhat redundant. I was so busy chatting it up with old friends and meeting new ones, that I didn’t pay attention to what I was cutting out. I just ripped out phrases, pictures, and words that empowered me. It’s vague enough  to shape into whatever I want it to be, yet descriptive enough to keep me on track! I positioned it above my desk , so that it would visible at all times. That being said, I find myself making unconscious decisions towards my ultimate goals! I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m well on my way! I also find that talking about it helps too. While it’s best to ‘be about it’ rather than talk about it, words are encouraging. When someone asks about my progress, my efforts become more deliberate!

I could ramble on for days… Ultimately, I want to challenge to restart your vision. Be bold and live out loud! Take charge and encourage others! Just like we look up to someone, someone is looking up to us! It’s never too late!

I’m looking forward to plenty of comments today, because I know I’m not the only one who needed a pep-talk! Feel free to send pics of your vision boards or share any accomplishments. When you send prayer up, blessings will fall… Happiness is contagious! Be a part of this plague :)


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  1. I definitely needed a pep talk. I still haven’t glued my pictures on my vision board. I know, I’m hopeless. Please don’t judge me! At this very moment, my vision board is laying on the floor in my living room; so I do walk by it every day and glance at it in hopes that I will reach these goals. My finals are over next Wednesday and I plan on sitting down and really reflecting on the goals I identified and the steps that I need to take to make these goals obtainable this year.

    I can say that I have been working on some of my goals. The most important ones that I identified at the vision board party were “falling in love with me” and “finding peace within”. My therapist and I will be working on that at my appointment today. :)

    When I look at a lot of my goals, its hard not to become defeated because they really involve taking HUGE leaps of faith and in some ways starting at the bottom of the career chain in a new industry and expensive city. Nicole your courage to move across the country really inspired me and made me want to be a little more adventurous in life. I know Charlotte is only 4 hours away, but I need baby steps!

    I love this blog because I know that it is something that you love that is consistent with your ultimate goal. I’m so proud that we are all taking steps to pursue something that we love.

    My new motto really is YOLO! Even if that means taking an unpaid internship this summer, moving to a new city or networking to help me reach my future goals.

    PS. Nicole: I’m still waiting on the recipe too. LOL

    1. I need to post a pic of my vision board because it actually looks good and I finally hung it up in my closet (because I stand in there for at least 15 minutes every morning hoping that someone will call and say that I don’t have to go to work…it never happens). I love that we got together this year and worked on our boards because I do find it helpful to have a constant reminder that I have goals that need to be accomplished.

      It’s not always easy to stay focused and sometimes it gets very frustrating, but I am learning how to snap myself out of my funk before I begin to send out invites for my pity party. I just read this on a blog today: “I acknowledge that there are things about my situation that I do not like, but I know that as long as I continue working towards my ideal outcome, things will work out in my favor”. I’ve stressed myself out trying to figure out what my purpose is and I think I’ve finally figured out that God is trying to teach me a lesson about patience.

      Awww Courtnee! I am still learning how to be more adventurous. Picking up and moving across the country was scary as hell, but I definitely learned a lot of things about myself during that time. I think I am in a much better place now and probably wouldn’t be as terrified to relocate again if I had to. So If you want to move across the country as a trio I’m down!

      Ditto to what Courtnee said about you and your blog. It is really inspiring to see you doing what you love. I admire anyone that follows their dreams or follows their passion. I love having friends in my circle that refuse to settle and are always striving to be better and do better.

      PS – You two aren’t going to make the French toast even if I sent you the recipe! We’ll have to get together for brunch this summer : )

      1. Awww, you guys!!! I’m having a moment! Thanks for all your kind words!

        Courtnee, finding inner peace and loving yourself comes with time… According to Oprah and the Sex in the City cast {LOL}, your 20s are your experimental years where nothing seems to go as planned. But, that’s life in general. By the time we are 30, we should know what we want and enjoy life…As much as I want to say “don’t be so hard on yourself,” I know I’d be contradicting myself. I’m a culprit! You’re making moves! And if you change your mind along the journey, oh well. It’s your life!

        Nicole, I can totally relate. I have pity parties ALL the time! God must be teaching me a lesson on patience too! It’ll all make sense one day… I never moved to California, like I always thought I would! So I am taking notes from you guys. LOL! I’m glad to have you all in my circle. We all bring something to table! :)

        Le’Chic, you seem very content and happy for you! There is nothing like an inner peace.

  2. I did not create a vision board for 2012, however if I did it would have been made up of pictures of a wonder new career, great schools for my children, travel experiences and more than enough money to provide the best life possible for my family. In 2011 I had a lot of changes take place in my life, wins and enough loss to have your girl really sit down an start doing some serious soul searching. lol I’ve concluded that prior to 2012 my priorities were not where they needed to be which resulted in more than enough disappointments that I care to even admit. What I do know today that I did not know yesterday is that, it’s really not about me…it never was. I know now that life is about helping others, which in turn will bring plenty of rewards to you, more than you can ever imagine. Patience…I really feel that I have plenty of it today. lol I’ve been put in many situations that has required a test of patience- raising 3 children, being the best wife possible to my husband and the search for that perfect job. At the end of the day inner peace is all that we really need and the rest will follow. Today, I have more peace within than I have had in a very long time. My newfound inner peace has resulted in an abundance of happiness in my life. My life experiences has really taught me a lot…no regrets right? Who I was yesterday has really shaped me into the strong super woman that I am today, one who can endure anything. Our celebrities do appear to have it all, but do they really??? What I do know is…I get it now! Do you??? :-)

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