Second Time Around: Inauguration 2013!

Today is a monumental day for many reasons. Not only will President Obama be sworn in for a second term, he will be using the Bible of former president, Abraham Lincoln and the “traveling Bible” of African-American Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., on the day that is memorialized for Dr. King, and the same year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation! No matter which angle you choose, history is being made!

No matter your political views, we all have a reason to celebrate the progression of our country!

 photo aptopix-inaugural-swearing-in-obamajpeg-1280x960_zpsff50dcae.jpg

Congratulations President Obama! Congratulations America! Dr. King would be proud!

Happy Inauguration Day! Happy MLK Day! Happy Emancipation Proclamation Anniversary! Just be HAPPY!

Let the festivities begin!

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