Nail Pizazz!

I keep telling myself that I’m going to keep my nails painted. I have TONS of nail polish. Every time a new collection is released, I’m standing in line! So why aren’t my nails painted?

Well, check out some cool nail designs below…

Some of my FB friends are very talented! Nails above by Trameeka Reid!

summer nails colors for women 2012

Pulp Fashion Friday- Intense Nail Polish Designs


 Hmmm… Maybe I’ll give this a try???

summer nails colors for women

 Are you are rocking cool nails? Send pics to!!! Otherwise, if you have any nail tips, ticks, or colors we should try, leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “Nail Pizazz!

Add yours

  1. I am an OPI whore!! I love the bold shades. I occassionally do gel nails but the OPI polish strips are amazing…Available at ULTA on the low for just under $10 with their in-store coupon.

  2. I absolutely LOVE all of those colors and designs! Being a wife, mother of 3 and athlete, it’s almost impossible to keep polish on my nails long enough to get my monies worth. I’m lucky to keep some polish on these toes of mine! lol In the mean time I’ll gladly admire those who can partake in the luxury… :-)

  3. Love! I wish someone would do this for me because I just don’t have the patience to paint my own nails.

  4. I have been banned from purchasing one more bottle of polish… I shouldn’t EVEN be in this post…lol

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