Poor Judgement!

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Chris Brown and Drake fight at the W.i.P. nightclub in New York City. Check out the severity of the aftermath…

It’s been reported that Chris Brown sent Drake a bottle at the club. Drake responded by sending a note that said:

“I’m f—ing the love of your life {referring to Rihanna}. Deal with it.”

Here are the results…

Some sources claim that Drake’s entourage started the brawl by throwing a bottle.

Chris Brown’s bodyguard was injured…

 An innocent bystander at the club was also injured.

After the brawl erupted at W.i.P.Chris Brown tweeted, and later deleted, a photo of his injured face.Chris Brown's bodyguard "Big Pat' with a large gash in his forehead.Another victim allegedly hit by a bottle in the brawl.Photos from inside the club show Chris Brown and Drake partying seperately at the club.Chris Brown's blood-soaked car seen parked outside his hotel in New York.Workers purportedly cleaning up glass at W.I.P. after a brawl between Chris Brown and Drake's entourage.

Several others were injured, as well. Police are still investigating.

This is the reason I stay out of clubs!

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