My Favorite Things: Holiday Edition

It's that time of year again...  We're getting down to the wire and Christmas is quickly approaching! Though it comes the same time every year, Christmas always seems to catch us by surprise. If you're like me you're probably suffering from "twofer!" You know, 'two for me and one for them...' And that's probably why your... Continue Reading →

Dear Bliss…

I have a new assignment AND a new segment! YAY!!! I received an email from BF, Nicole P. She wrote: Hello! Can I make a request for a topic on Bliss? I'm sure that you are super fabulous and fashionable when you walk into the office every morning : ) I think we are at... Continue Reading →

RE: Dear Bliss…

I am so excited! Raven made her decision on her Tory Burch clutch and she chose... THE AMANDA CROSSBODY BAG!!! She wrote: "I love it! THANKS AGAIN!! Nice pop of color!" Raven, THAT totally made my week! I must admit, I wasn't expecting you choose any of my suggestions! I'm glad you're enjoying it so... Continue Reading →

Dear Bliss…

You asked, I answered... I received an email from Blissful Follower, Raven She wrote: "I have been wanting a Tory Burch clutch for quite some time! I decided that I am going to pull the trigger!! What color should I get? I want it to be a fun piece... Let me know!"  - Raven - Charlotte,... Continue Reading →

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