Dear Bliss…

You asked, I answered… I received an email from Blissful Follower, Raven

She wrote:

“I have been wanting a Tory Burch clutch for quite some time! I decided that I am going to pull the trigger!! What color should I get? I want it to be a fun piece… Let me know!”  – Raven – Charlotte, NC.

Hi Raven,

Thanks for your question! I did some research and here are a few options, I think you might enjoy. You said you wanted a fun piece, so I automatically thought: “COLOR!” I understand that this is a splurge, so you want something that will stand out, without being tawdry! The Tory Burch ‘woman’ is contemporary, sophisticated, and refined. So whatever you choose will be an excellent choice!

'Amanda' crossbody bag
'Robinson - Mini' bag

Most, (if not all) of these clutches come in black, camel, or olive if you decide to go with something a little more ‘everyday.’ You definitely want something that is transitional. Just pick a color that will add just the right amount of  zest to any season!

'Rachael Mini'
'Logo Mini'

FUN FACT: Tory Burch has a foundation!!! ‘The Tory Burch Foundation provides economic opportunities to women and their families in the United States.’ Nothing like a designer with a cause!

Raven, make sure you send pics of  your purchase!!! And to all my BFs, feel free to send me any shopping questions, comments, suggestions, or  purchases you’d like share!

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