Baby Bumpin’

Man, I've been busy! But, not as busy as these couples... Check out the latest couples expecting their first or second child in 2013... Kimye! -- I smell a spin-off... CONFIRMATION... Jessica Simpson is expecting a playmate for seven month old Maxwell! Phaedra Parks from Housewives of Atlanta is also expecting her second child! {Hmmm... I wonder... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Kanye!

Happy 35th birthday Kanye!!! ATTENTION: ALL YOU SNEAKERHEADS!!! The Nike Air Yeezy II-- designed by Yeezy himself, sold for a whopping $90,300.00 on eBay! There were multiple bids, but obviously no one could outbid the millionaire, {I'm assuming} who purchased these! But, don't you worry! These sneaks will be available this upcoming Saturday for only... Continue Reading →

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