Sneak Peek: Baby North (West)!

FINALLY! The first photo of Baby North West revealed on The Kris Jenner Show... Take a peek... Isn't she adorable! Perfect blend of Kim and Kanye's (cheeks)! Congratulations Kim and Kanye!

Baby Bumpin’

Man, I've been busy! But, not as busy as these couples... Check out the latest couples expecting their first or second child in 2013... Kimye! -- I smell a spin-off... CONFIRMATION... Jessica Simpson is expecting a playmate for seven month old Maxwell! Phaedra Parks from Housewives of Atlanta is also expecting her second child! {Hmmm... I wonder... Continue Reading →


I don't know about you, but I was NOT about to miss last night's premiere of  Kourtney & Kim Take New York!  I thought I would boycott the show, because of the divorce fiasco! I'm glad I didn't! Now, Kris Humphries is probably sweet as Grandma's potato pie, but it was agonizing to watch Kim & Kris's marital bliss!... Continue Reading →

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