Chalk It Up!

A new manicure has surfaced and it might make you cringe at first thought. It's not nails on a chalkboard... It's chalkboard on your nails! You can thank Ciate' for yet another innovative kit! The set consists of black chalkboard polish, top coat, and four liquid chalk pens in white, blue, green, and pink. It... Continue Reading →

A Wicked Manicure…

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays-- not to be taken out of context. It's an awesome excuse to be as cooky as you want to be. You can be that superhero, mermaid, or cartoon you always wanted to be. Once you become an adult, I guess you're supposed to be a little more sane about the... Continue Reading →

New Look: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a new look... She tweeted: "Never felt more me in my whole life."  With such drastic change, some do not recognize that it's the "new Miley." She also tweeted: "Someone just told me I'm prettier than Miley Cyrus." What do you think of her new look???

Feedback Friday: Box It Up!

Yay, it's Friday!!! A few of you sent in some of your "Poetic Justice" moments! Check 'you' out! We have variations of box twists and braids!!!  Charita D. - Charlotte, NC Martie B. - Charlotte, NC Kimberly N. - Charlotte, NC Kelshia C. - Augusta, GA Canesha W.   - Augusta, GA I think you... Continue Reading →

Box It Up!

I don't know what it is, but box braids are regaining its popularity. Wait, were they ever really popular??? I remember the Poetic Justice jokes and no one ever wanting "Patra braids."  I remember feeling like I fell victim to box braids back when I was a freshman in high school. I brought in a... Continue Reading →

Rebel Mane!

I dread the days when my hair is on a rebel mission. Some days it won't curl... Other days it won't get straight enough... There are times when my hair gets limp and lifeless... Other times I just don't feel like dealing with it. Summers in the south are always hot and humid... Two reasons... Continue Reading →

Fashion Trend: Head Scarves!

Having a bad hair day? Cover it up! Head scarves made its début decades ago and have lingered around ever since. It seems as though they have been reinvented, because now it's one of  the major-must-have hair essentials of the spring/summer! This multi-purpose accessory is in high demand and there are countless ways of wearing them... There are tons of... Continue Reading →

Just Like Me…

Great News... The Black Barbie has finally received a makeover, thanks to a natural hair group in Columbus, GA! The au natural diva has received a few natural styles that little girls can not only relate to, but appreciate as well! The dolls will be given to children at the public housing community, Booker T. Washington, in Columbus, GA,... Continue Reading →

Deeply Rooted

For those of you who love to highlight your hair knows what it's like to have to maintain it! The normal upkeep is usually about every 6 to 8 weeks... It can be both costly and time consuming. Here's the good news... Unless you're covering your unruly platinum strands, there is no need rush! Some people may call... Continue Reading →

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