Rebel Mane!

I dread the days when my hair is on a rebel mission. Some days it won’t curl… Other days it won’t get straight enough… There are times when my hair gets limp and lifeless… Other times I just don’t feel like dealing with it. Summers in the south are always hot and humid… Two reasons why I like my hair to be up and out of my face for the most part. Low maintenance hair is key for summer!

Check out some cute and effortless looks for summer.





Now I’m sure we can agree that these styles are super cute! But, can you achieve them??? If you decide to give them a try, you know the drill… Send pics to!

4 thoughts on “Rebel Mane!

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  1. My hair is not behaving this summer. I really wish that Bey’s glam team would come in my house every morning to get me ready : / But anywho…time to plan our “flat twisting 101” brunch! I think Courtnee will be back home this weekend until August.

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