Too Much Too Soon?

 Willow Smith has a tongue ring at 11 years-old? Is this another outcry for attention from her parents?

Too much, too young: Willow Smith has had her tongue pierced and posted a snap of it on Instagram

She is vocal about her discontent with fame. She’s cut her hair, colored it. She has a flamboyant style and now a tongue ring. Is this the result of “Whipping Her Hair?” Is this a lack of parental involvement? The signs are on the walls. Who’s listening? Remember, these kids are our future…

Taking a walk on the wild side: Willow's brother Jaden emerged wearing leopard print trousers in Canoga Park, California over the weekend

{Jaden and Willow are starting to look similar now days.}


Willow tweets: It’s fake… Sorry!”

Still, something to be cautious of…

3 thoughts on “Too Much Too Soon?

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  1. Didn’t she respond and say it was fake??? I would like to think Jada and Will, would NOT go for that! Being creative with your clothes and hair…okay, I get that…. mutilating your body beyond an earring piercing…no maam

  2. mind your business she has who have their own way of parenting and O.M.G get a life cause she is living hers !!!!! i’m sure they would be doing much better if you didn’t try to parent their child cause last time i checked Willow Camille Reign Smith only had 2 parents named Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith not the whole world !!!@@@ KhiddBomb

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