Highs & Lows

If you're indecisive {like myself}, you may have a hard time deciding whether you should "max" or "mini." Well now, you no longer have to choose. The best of both worlds have joined forces. The mullet or high-low trend is in full-effect and a summer staple item! With countless ways of wearing them and it's... Continue Reading →

Connecting The Dots…

So, last night while looking for something to wear to work, I realized that I have a polka dot party going on in my closet. I have polka dot shoes, accessories, shirts,  and skirts... My pups are culprits too! I guess I have an unnoticed obsession for them? It's such a playful pattern, I can't... Continue Reading →

Maxi Makeover!

 The maxi skirt has been redeemed and it's one of my absolute favorite trends right now!!! It's a transitional piece that can be sexy and sophisticated or simply casual! I think maxi skirts can be flattering on any body type. The lengths, patterns, designs, and fabrics vary which allows you to accentuate your assets!  It... Continue Reading →

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