Connecting The Dots…

So, last night while looking for something to wear to work, I realized that I have a polka dot party going on in my closet. I have polka dot shoes, accessories, shirts,  and skirts… My pups are culprits too!

I guess I have an unnoticed obsession for them? It’s such a playful pattern, I can’t resist! I have polka dot bowls and cookware in the kitchen to polka dot towels in the bathroom! My goodness, I’m just now realizing how insane that sounds…

I loooove these Stella McCartney dresses. The one on the far left… AH-MAZING!!! I would have to OD on confidence to wear the other two, but they are fabulous!

Anytime you see polka dots in color, don’t hesitate to BUY THEM!!! Just tone them down with neutral or monochromatic pieces and vise-versa for black and white dots.

P.S. Who wants to buy me that Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag above???

Oh, and by the way, I am NOT wearing polka dots today! ;)

Happy ‘Friday Eve!’

3 thoughts on “Connecting The Dots…

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  1. Polka dots are so cute! I love that Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse. And those Stella McCartney dresses are just amazing. I especially like the white one.. I think I prefer polka dots on light-coloured and sheer materials :)

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