No Pun Intended?

Here we go again... Vogue Italia is under scrutiny for the latest cover story, "Haute Mess." Models were photographed in dramatic, yet unsavory wardrobe, exaggerated make-up and colorful, outlandish hairstyles. Many believe that the spread pokes fun at the Black and Latino cultures. It doesn't stop there... Some models posed with or around junk food... Continue Reading →

Asian Persuasion

CONFESSION: I have an Asian obsession! There, I said it! I admire some of the culture, arts, food, and traditions. I utilize several Asian elements in my decor because I feel a sense of tranquility, positivity, and purity. I started collecting Asian inspired dishes during my college years. I have lots and lots of them,... Continue Reading →

Oval Talent…

My favorite political moment.... President Obama sings snippet of Al Green's classic "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo during a fundraising event. Who knew he could carry a tune??? If only politics could be this interesting...

Beach Bum!

Last summer, I traveled with my family to Florida. I've been reminiscing ever since. We visited a few places, but my favorite was the beach (even though I hate putting on a bathing suit)! The weather was so awesome... The water was inviting... Food trucks were always on time... And of course, I had an amazing... Continue Reading →

Pass The Dutch Follow-Up!

As a result of bad-judgement, Eva Hoeke has decided to resign... Her statement: “I realize that my first reaction through Twitter, in which I indicated that it was a joke, has been an incomplete description of what me, and also the author of the article, meant. The term ‘niggabitch’ came from America and we solely used it... Continue Reading →

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