Asian Persuasion

CONFESSION: I have an Asian obsession! There, I said it!
I admire some of the culture, arts, food, and traditions. I utilize several Asian elements in my decor because I feel a sense of tranquility, positivity, and purity.

I started collecting Asian inspired dishes during my college years. I have lots and lots of them, so I decided to share a few of my favorites with you! Bowls and coffee mugs are my absolute favorite, being that I LOVE cereal and warm drinks!!!

Here’s a glimpse of my eclectic collection.

I was attracted to the dishes above because of the clean lines, textures (on some of the bowls), and colors.

I purchased this bowl this past weekend. I almost died when I saw it. It’s so cute! I know you’re probably thinking, “it’s just a bowl with an animated panda bear eating leaves!”First of all, Pandas are  rare (I think). Their black and white manifestation represents “ying-yang.” While this bowl reminds me of my childhood, the panda symbolizes balance, friendship, peace, and harmony. (That’s a lot of meaning for a bowl, huh)?

Next are my beloved retro (not-so-Asian) owl bowls. It has somewhat of a 70s sparkle. I have contrasting hot pink coffee mugs with owls, of course that complement its charm…

And lastly, what is Asian persuasion without bamboo? I have bamboo almost as tall as me! (I’m 5’5, by the way). I have several stalks not only because they are low maintenance and it’s plant I can keep alive, but because they come in a variety of styles making decorating fun, yet simple. While bamboo represents longevity in the Chinese culture, it represents friendship in India. Ultimately, I admire the clean lines and all the encouraging connotation associated with it. Look around… We all are collectors of something. What does your decor say about you??? Do tell!

Hope you have a peaceful and positive week!

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