Pouncing In the City…

I think every woman should have an animalistic instinct… In their closet that is! I understand that leopard is a very bold print and can be very intimidating. However, if you purchase a few key pieces, you can spice up your wardrobe and prowl around town in style! Here are a few examples below:

Leopard Accessories
 Hinge® Leopard Print Eternity Scarf

I love to wear leopard prints with bold accent colors like fiery reds, hot pinks, and spicy orange! Of course you can always rev up your all black ensembles with leopard pumps or booties! Be careful not over-do animal prints. To much “growl” can be road-kill… I mean over-kill!

Belt:Deena & Ozzy- urbanoutfitters.com
Scarf: Hinge- nordstrom.com
Heels: Bevv-stevemadden.com

3 thoughts on “Pouncing In the City…

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  1. OMG I saw a lady last week with animal print belt, boots, hat, and purse! o_O… I have a pair of 6 inch patent leather animal print strappies that I L.O.V.E! Needless to say, I only pull them out on special occasions… lol

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