Pregnant In Heels!

I absolutely love seeing a pregnant woman dressed to the nines. Although I’ve never been pregnant, I’ve heard how uncomfortable it can be. Your feet swell, you lack energy, and for goodness sakes, you’re carrying around a gut full of human! As a women who LOVES wearing heels, I know how badly your feet can hurt after a few hours! That being said, kudos to all the fabulous women pregnant in heels! Some of you are probably saying,“They should be cute! They have chefs, stylists, and nothing but time on their hands!”That may be true to a certain extent, but pregnancy is pregnancy, right? Anyways, here are a few of my favorite, stylish women of Hollywood strutting around in towering stilettos…

Mommy Chic

Beyonce’ always looks amazing!


With a name like “Posh Spice,” Victoria Beckham turned heads for the majority of pregnancy with baby Harper!

Jessica Simpson vows to give birth in heels! We shall see, but no pressure…Great effort so far!

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  1. I'm sorry this is just for the cameras, any woman carrying a baby well into her 5th, 6th month of pregnancy is not wearing 5 to 6 inch heels. I will bet 20 dollars when they get into them building them shoes come off. Real women with JOBS,other children, and common sense aint wearing heels when there big and pregnant. It's a health risk as well, Beyonce is know for busting her ass she may wanna be a little more careful and worry about walking on solid ground while caring her husband first born.(so they say )LOL sorry boo i know your a Bey fan I just think it's ridiculous

  2. Excuse me! First of all there will be NO BEYONCE' BASHING ON BLISS!!! Secondly, she isn't the only only celeb doing this! Kimora did it, Mariah, and a swarm of others… It's not to say they NEVER wear flats. It's just a nod to women that you can still be fashionable and preggo at the same time (not necessarily wearing heels 24/7)! Why is that so ridiculous?!

  3. I think it's ridiculous and unrealistic for real women, meaning woman that work five days a week, have other children, responsibilities, ect… to try to be fashionable by wearing heels while there pregnant. now for celebrity woman such as Bey, Jessica, ect they need to be fashionable because it's their jobs to be relevant, plus they have maids, chiefs, personal trainers, hell purse holders.Of course there fashionable. I just don't want us working girls or mommies to be impressed by them, They should be impressed by us. Plus any doctor will tell you, you should not wear heels pregnant it strains the back and we know where it hurts the most during pregnancy our lower backs cause out body is caring all the weight up front. Kudos to any woman brave enough t wear 6 inch heels nine months pregnant, You know they in pain. Girl put on your flats and give your back a break, ohhh don't let your feet swell.

  4. It might be unrealistic for the entire pregnancy, but not for the first few months! I know "regular" women with "real" jobs that wore heels while pregnant! I'm not saying walk a marathon in them. It's ok to be inspired by them and if it's not your thing, that's fine too! But let me say this… If you've ever been to a Bey concert, you know she works hard for her money!… All I'm saying is that it is inspiring for me to see pregnant women sporting the sexy side of maternity!

  5. Wow Ladies! No arguing online. I too thought it was cute wear heels during pregnancy….. However, four months after delivery I was back in the hospital having surgery on my legs for spider veins.

  6. This isn't arguing… Just debating! I respect her opinion, but you I go hard for Bey! Lol! I am not saying if you don't or can't wear heels, you're not being fashionable or encouraging that you should wear them while pregnant. Just simply acknowledging those how have done so successfully! ….Was your surgery a result of wearing heels the first few months of pregnancy?

  7. All jokes aside… I hope this post didn't come across as me encouraging pregnant women to wear heels throughout the entire pregnancy or to wear anything that will harm themselves and the baby. I'm not pregnant and I ALWAYS keep a spare near me! I'm sure these ladies do too!

  8. Martie, I told you not to wear those heels. I think Beyonce is just camera ready that's all. I guess everyone can tell I'm not a Beyonce fan I think she's …. Ok I can't find anything nice to say I'll leave it. But ladies please take care of your body's wearing heels after 5 months of pregnancy is very risky.

  9. Kimmy, when did you become so anti-Beyonce? And I agree, when you start getting so far along in your pregnancy, take them off! So women don't spout out until about 5 or 6 months, so that sounds about right!

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