A Bright Future Ahead…

I’m super excited about what spring and summer holds!!! Have you seen all the rich, bright colors that await us? Ladies, you know what that means… It’s time to BLOCK IT!!!There are so many bold colors to mix and match.

: Citrine is here to stay, but don’t stop there! Find your favorite shade of yellow, and brighten up someone’s day!

 Fashion Color Trends 2012

Berry: Vibrant shades fuchsia pink and purple are fun, feminine and eye-catching.

Blue: If you’re going to have the blues, it better be ELECTRIC!

Orange/Red: Tangerine is the ‘IT’ color of the season. Fiery reds also add a nice punch to any outfit.

Don’t forget to add pastels to your wardrobe. Pastels are very soft, romantic, and innocent. (Reminds of cotton candy). They’re neutral, classic, and versatile.

, it’s time to stock up! I’ll be looking forward to the feedback…

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