Love or Loathe It: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

I don’t have much to say today. But, I do have a couple of questions… Did you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last night? If  so, your thoughts??

Unfortunately, reality tv is a guilty pleasure that I am somewhat ashamed of. Last night’s episode was full of drama!

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Photo

Check out the trailer…

Will this be a part of your Monday night line up?

3 thoughts on “Love or Loathe It: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Add yours

  1. After watching the trailer last week I decided that I just could not watch that train wreck. Smh! Just when Shaunie said she was going to start showing black women in a positive light on BBW VH1 decides to add this mess to the mix. SMH!

  2. ummmmm… this scripted(except MamaDee) trainwreck! LAWD… But I watched it…hehehe And that Jose…I mean Joselyn… her and her FURRA…#flatlined

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