Throwback Thursday: MUSIC!!!!

If you’ve never owned a cassette tape, I’m going to assume you were either born in the mid to late nineties, lived a sheltered life, or your parents refused to upgrade the vinyls!  Remember what fast-forwarding and rewind was like? Or winding the tape back into the cassette? TORTURE! These were probably the best years of our lives and we didn’t know it. Although we had plenty boy bands, we fought over the same ones. We aspired to be next TLC, X-scape, En Vogue, or Spice Girl!  And nine times out of ten, you were most likely forming a music group of your own. There was only one problem… NO ONE COULD SING!

Check out some of the hits I rocked out to!

{Don’t judge me!}

Ace of Base — The Sign

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Was this considered rap?

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- If you were like me, you probably liked the song and was frightened by the video!

Immature– Which one were you going to marry? Don’t say Romeo! ;)

Voices- See a familiar face? {No, it’s mine!}

Kris Kross– Which Chris made you jump?

The Ultimate Collaboration! – A plethora of talent!

 MC Hammer – I wanted to be one of his background dancers!

 Who couldn’t relate to the Spice Girls? {I’m sure I had this on CD!}

 We probably had no business listening to this, but… Color Me Badd!

MY FAVE!!!- Wilson Phillips

OMG! I had a flashback from each song! I’ll let you in on a little secret… I used to love line dancing and I don’t mean the Electric Slide! What do you know about the Watermelon Crawl or Boot  Scootin’ Boogie? ;)

Did I miss note? Let us in on some of your favorite tunes…

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: MUSIC!!!!

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  1. OMMMMMMMMMGGGG… Okay so Sir Mix Alot (BGB) is one of my allllll time favorites! I get soooo crunk when I here it on the radio! And “VOICES” OMG I ask people allll the time do they remember them(that song) Back in my girl group days we used to cover the hell out that song!… Immature, Ace of Base, Bone, …LAWD… don’t get this walking jukebox started!! LOL

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